Establish Data-Driven Fish-Handling Protocols

We believe that the quality and flavor of the fresh fish consumed in the U.S. is blunted by the absence of clear seafood handling methods.  Our best catch goes to overseas markets, while we import foreign, farmed fish.  The result is an American tragedy.

Historically, we have lacked leadership in our seafood handling practices.  We rely on anecdote and conjecture.  And we rely on outdated federal and state regulatory systems.  We can do better.  Our experts understand that the manner in which fish are handled both pre- and post-mortem produces dramatically different biochemical and physiological outcomes for the final product we eat.  These outcomes are measurable, these outcomes determine quality, and these outcomes improve flavor.

Guided by the Japanese principles of ike jime and emboldened by the findings of modern research, we are establishing context-dependent, evidence-based protocols to ensure that your fish are beyond fresh.


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Our experts understand that handling fish is context-dependent.  Whether you are a commercial fisherman, a farm, a restaurant, a distributor, or a fish market, we can help you improve your relationship with your customers, and we can help you improve your relationship with your product.