Andrew Tsui

Andrew Tsui is a Washington, D.C.-based cook, fisherman, writer, and attorney who believes that seafood should be taken seriously.  He is a long-time practitioner of the ike jime method, and in collaboration with the Freshwater Institute, he has developed the first Quality Stabilization Sequence (QSS) in the U.S. to ensure that finfish destined for American diners is "beyond fresh" -- stabilized for ultra-premium culinary applications such as sashimi, sushi, crudo, or tartare.  Over the years, he has studied the effects of various stabilization methods in U.S. waters, and he has applied these practices to several species of fish, pelagic and otherwise. Andrew has trained other like-minded cooks, fisherman, scientists and producers to understand the consequences of poor harvesting and handling methods, and to adopt new protocols for stabilizing fish from the point of harvest.  His writings have been published in the Modern Farmer magazine.     ‚Äč

Dr. Mark Little is a sustainable development expert who helps startups looking to grow and struggling communities seeking revitalization.  Projects have ranged from sustainable agriculture to renewable energy production, with the goal to create jobs, change lives, and build better communities.  Mark previously served as a climate science advisor to the US House of Representatives and as a Visiting Professor of Environmental at Peking University.  Mark earned degrees in geochemistry from Harvard University (BA) and Rice University (PhD).  

Drew Peng is a Chapel Hill, NC-based investor and former private equity professional with a focus on the technology and consumer/retail sectors.  He has had a broad range of experiences throughout his career, including working on corporate strategy for Fortune 500 clients while at McKinsey & Company, leading new product launches and marketing campaigns at Del Monte Foods, and executing several large public-to-private investments with the Carlyle Group and Permira Advisers.  Drew is a co-founding board member of a thriving grocery co-op in Durham, NC.  He is particularly interested in business models focused on sustainability that deliver returns to multiple stakeholders.

Laughlin Siceloff is a marine ecologist who studies fishery species and coastal habitat conservation.  His past project topics have included fish migration and spawning behavior, spatial distribution of fishing activity, MPA design, coral reef ecosystem monitoring, and Deepwater Horizon oil spill data management.  Laughlin has previously worked at the Florida Museum of Natural History, University of New Hampshire, and as a federal contractor for the National Ocean Service.  He has earned degrees at Oberlin College (BA) and the University of New Hampshire (MS). 

Mark Little

Drew Peng

Laughlin Siceloff

Kevin Tsui

Kevin Tsui is a restaurant industry veteran, bringing fine dining and bar management expertise to our team.  A bartender by trade and wine expert for one of the largest resort and conference facilities in the state of Maryland, Kevin has worked in all areas of the restaurant business including menu development, staff training, customer relations, purchasing and inventory, and advertising and marketing.  Kevin is also an experienced fresh and saltwater fisherman, a seasoned international traveler, as well as an exceptional cook. 

Riichi Yamamoto

Riichi Yamamoto

Riichi Yamamoto is a software specialist focusing in creating innovative solutions mainly for the manufacturing industry.  Based out of Yokohama, Japan, he has vast experience in application development, managing large scale IT projects, factory automation, consulting, and Kaizen.  He has travelled extensively successfully implementing various projects across the globe.



Avid foodie and technologist. Dave has spent nearly two decades in product and marketing roles at top tech brands like Yahoo, Apple, Cisco and eBay. He became founder and CEO of Fanpop and was VP of Marketing at Luxe. Studied at Penn and Stanford Business School.  


Arlin is a partner and the founder at Changing Tastes. He is also a fellow at the Aspen Institute and a past recipient of a Food and Society Policy Fellowship, awarded by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation. Arlin has served as an advisor on agriculture, trade and development issues to both the US Department of Agriculture and the European Union Parliament. From 2007 until 2012, Arlin served as Vice President of Sustainability at Sodexo, the world’s leading institutional food service provider, leading it’s efforts to develop and implement its first sustainability strategy encompassing both environment and public health concerns.


June Jo Lee is a food ethnographer for the food industry. Since 2005 she has been responsible for creating strategic frameworks from cultural analysis of everyday life. Her research in the U.S., Latin America, and Asia is focused on understanding the cultural apparatus of food, food culture trends, eating occasions, shopping trips, Health + Wellness, and Sustainability. Current and past clients include Starbucks, General Mills, Kraft, PepsiCo, ConAgra, Hershey’s, Nestlé, Campbell’s, Heinz, Safeway, Dairy Management Inc., National Council of Farmer’s Cooperative, Daymon, Bunge, DuPont, Johnson and Johnson, Seventh Generation, Burt's Bees, and Colgate. She has an M.A. in East Asian Studies from Harvard and an M.A. in Korean Studies from Yonsei University.